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solar panel installation in kerala

Why Kiah Energies

Kiah energie is a company dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable solution for your home and office experience. The mission is to help you amplify the effect on your senses and heighten the feeling of entertainment and security.We help you implement solar energy harnessing systems which will not only help the environment, but will also save your bills. We understand the values and standards that you expect for your home, and we provide only the best of those.
At kiah energy our aim is to generate energy for the future. we believes that among the many renewable energy sources: Solar Power has its distinct advantages, especially with its limited impact on our environment.

Our Products

Here our products are...

solar panel for home in kerala

Solar Panels

The most important thing is that solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. It Reduces Electricity Bills, Maintenance Costs etc.

Solar panel home installation in kerala

Solar Inverters

The benefits of solar inverters is that they convert the solar power to AC power which is fed evenly into the property over all 3 phases.

solar installation in kerala

Solar Street Light

All our lights are designed to work in rainy days as well. The battery we use will withstand extreme weather conditions.

On grid solar power system

Solar DC Cables

Solar cables interconnect solar panels and other electrical components of a photovoltaic system.

Solar panel for home

Solar Molding

Aluminum molding is a kind of plastic processing method that applies strong pressure to the metal blank in the mold cavity (or cylinder).

Solar panel home installation


It is an important part of SPV system. It gives extra protection to the system in case of failures on load side.

Off grid solar power system


DCDB controls the DC power from Solar Panels it is used to protect the system if there is any fault during failure on DC side.

solar panel suppliers in bangalore

MC4 Connection

These are single-contact electrical connectors commonly used for connecting solar panels.MC4 stands the manufacturer Multi-Contact

Save On Your

Non-renewable resources are subject to supply and demand, which causes wholesale market volatility and fluctuations in consumer rate pricing. Your monthly bill could be affordable one month and far too expensive the next.
Home and business can install solar power panels and instantly reduce their electricity costs. One of the key advantages of solar energy is being able to manage your energy smarter and more cost-effectively.

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Our Services

Here our services are...

Solar power system suppliers in Kerala

On grid power plants

On-Grid Systems are solar pv systems that only generate power when the utility power grid is available.

Power inverter for home solar system

Off grid power plants

In electricity, off-grid can be stand-alone power system or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller community with electricity.

Solar installation in Kerala

Solar street light

The solar panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night.

Solar panel home installation

E p c

An EPC means solar company that provides Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of a full solar system.



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